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The Lake of Fire


Note on Eternal Destruction by Marvin Vincent


If God Could Save Everyone, Would He? By Dr. Stephen Jones


Is Today the Only Day of Salvation?


The Second Death And The Restitution of All Things by Andrew Jukes


The Outcome of Infinite Grace by Dr.Loyal Hurley


Christ Triumphant by Thomas Allin




Parable or Literal by Ivan Burgener


Questions Without Answers A list of 213 questions that will help to clarify God's plan of salvation as set forth in the Holy Bible, so that when questions are asked, correct answers can be given. To those holding a limited view of God's plan of salvation, they are truly Questions Without Answers, but, to those who rely on God's Word, the answers become apparent as His truth is revealed to them. The questions were written by A. C. Thomas and appeared in a book written by E. H. Lake in 1855, entitled "The Key to Truth".


The Law of Circularity by J Preston Eby


Jesus' Teaching About Hell (Gehenna) by Dr. Samuel G. Dawson


What About the Fire? 


God's goal accomplished 


Is the doctrine of limited punishment terminated by destruction true?


Beyond the "Hell" Issue: Universalism as a Comprehensive View of Spiritual Reality By Eric Stetson


Eternal Death---What?!!! By John Gavazzoni


The Religious Concept of Eternal


The Bible Hell


The Lake of Fire by Ted McDivitt


Sodom by J.P. Adams


Definitions of the Greek Words "Aion,"  "Aionios" and the Hebrew word "Olam"



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Beacon-Ministries recommends reading:


Journey to and through the Second Death by J. Philip Scranton click here for more details

At the end of the Ages the Abolition of Hell by Bob Evely please click here for more details



Hell is Not in the Bible (Video by John Lilley Ministries)



Questions about Hell

Didn't Paul teach that some will have the proper "sorrow" leading to salvation, while others will have the "sorrow of the world" that "worketh death"?


In Galatians 5:21  Paul gave a list of sins and said, they which do such things shall not inherit the kingdom of God. Aren't such people unsaved forever?


 Aren't those whose names are not in the book of life cast into the lake of fire to suffer for ever and ever along with the devil, beast, and false prophet?


Isn't the penalty for sin eternal torment in hell fire? 

What does the Hebrew word Sheol mean?

What / who is Hinnom?


What is the origin of the English word hell?


What did James mean when he said that the tongue defileth the whole body, setteth on fire the course of nature; and it is set on fire of hell [gehenna]? Is this a reference to eternal punishment?


Doesn't Mark 3:29 teach that a person who blasphemes against the Holy Spirit hath never forgiveness, but is in danger of eternal damnation?


Luke 3:9&17 state Every tree therefor which bringeth not forth good fruit will be cast into what fire?  Why is there a distinction between wheat and chaff?  If the chaff is burned up, doesnt that speak of annihilation?  If the fire is unquenchable fire, doesn't that speak of eternal torment?


If Paul taught the full counsel of God, why did he fail to mention the Lake of Fire?  No one has been able to answer that for me until I perused your site, namely the Question  on the Lake of Fire. I had thought that this might be limited in scope and dealing with the nations and Israel, and not for the whole of humanity. Could you elaborte on the Devil, Beast, and False Prophet being there?